How To Find Jobs in Dubai From Pakistan 2020

Dubai is also known as business hub of UAE. 90% of emirates people live in Dubai. In 2019 the population of Dubai was recorded 2.8 million and it’s increasing day by day. There are many job opportunities in Dubai. For Job hunters Dubai is an ideal place because it is financially stable. The people who are less educated do odd jobs in restaurants, petrol pumps, sweepers, electrician etc to earn a living for them. Because of their professional skills, Well educated people are working in reputed companies and earning handsome money for them.

Find Jobs in Dubai From Pakistan 2020

Here are the followings tips to find Jobs in Dubai From Pakistan:

Apply in the right market:

Most of the people don’t apply for the jobs in the right market. Its’ good to apply on the jobs in which you have relevant experience it increases the chances of getting selected for an interview. Some of the jobs that are in high demand in Dubai.

  • Finance
  • Bank
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Fashion
  • Information Technology
  • Sales/Marketing
  • HR
  • Web Developer
  • Creative Designing

Create a Good CV and Networking

Before calling for you an interview recruiters spend few seconds looking at your CV. To stand out from the crowd add relevant skills and experience on the CV. Do you know you have high chance of getting a job if you have a reference in the company you are applying. Tell people in your network that you are looking for a job.

Apply Online on Websites:

As the use on internet is increasing day by day the employers are posting job openings on different job portals and social media. Create an account on different social media like Facebook and Linkedin and find jobs there. There are many job portals they posts daily job posts on their website you can also apply online on different vacancies from their website.

Attend Job Fair and Walk in Interviews:

Apply on Dubai Visa because every year Dubai hosts many job fairs try to attend these job fairs where every big, small companies are looking for an employee. Companies in Dubai also do Walk-in interviews in Dubai. Companies posts latest job vacancies in Dubai local newspaper you can take a look on newspaper for latest jobs.

How to apply for a Dubai Visa From Pakistan?

Different travel agencies are providing Dubai visa at economical rates. But please don’t fall in a travel agent for a job they usually do fraud in a name of job. You can also apply for a Dubai visa online. Once you get a visa you can travel to UAE.

Visa requirements:

There are three types of Dubai Visa. The different between them is the time to stay in Dubai. To get a Dubai visa from Pakistan, UAE embassy requires these documents.

  • Passport
  • Photographs
  • National ID Card
  • Bank Statement for the last 6 months

So this was the guide of finding a job in Dubai from Pakistan. I hope these tips will help you in getting a job in Dubai. If you have any questions let us know in the comments.

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