Tips for Job Interview in Pakistan

Do you have an interview? Is it your first interview and you are looking for tips to give a successful interview? Many people feel nervous on their first interview. We are sharing tips for an interview here. These tips will help you in job interview.

First Impression:

You never get a second chance for first impressions that’s why wear neat and clean dress with polished shoes. Before an interview make sure you have a good hair cut and shave. If you don’t look fresh it can turn the interviewer off. Take it seriously.

Be Yourself:

If you are trying to be fake that’s not a good approach. Just be yourself. Interviewers wants to see your real character and personality. Answer questions with confidence and stay calm.

Read the Job Description:

Before landing on an interview read the job description carefully. It’s good to do some research about the position. It will make you more confident If you know each and everything about the job position.

Expected Salary:

If you are telling your salary expectations to an interviewer you are giving power to an interviewer. Don’t go for this trap! Avoid the salary expectation question. Just tell them that you are happy working on market competitive rates.

Power Pose:

Most of the interviewers will judge you on your non verbal communication. You posture and facial expression leave a good impact on an interviewer. Sit in confidence with correct posture and shoulders relaxed. Avoid to be uncomfortable in front of an interviewer. You voice tone is also very important. Make sure your expressions, posture, voice tone and everything is on point.

Practice Interview Questions:

Answering spontaneous to the questions is a good thing. Here we are sharing some questions that interviewers ask. Practice an answers of these questions and make a note on your mind how to respond to these questions.

Here is an infographic for the questions that interviewer can ask.

Be on Time:

We Pakistanis don’t give any importance to the punctuality. If you are called for an interview it’s your responsibility to be on time. Don’t be late it will leave bad impact on an interviewer. Being on time is your first impression.

Good Resume:

Create a good resume with less but relevant information. Interviewer will see your CV for seconds not for hours. A good resume can increase your chance of getting job. Make sure you add the relevant information because interviewer can ask questions for the information you have added in the CV.

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